Anyextee here. I'm the founder and former CEO of Amalgam Digital, Inc... an esoteric entrepreneur... an avant-garde artist and musical shaman... a world traveling truth seeker... a conscious expanding consultant... a being of light... and a loving family man with lucid dreams: To heal, uplift, and inspire others helping to raise levels of consciousness increasing the overall vibration of our planet and tribe that occupies her.

I'm well read, well traveled, and have many valuable and rather unique experiences to draw from, but as a student of life, I am still learning and realizing that together we can achieve amazing things. That life of adventure. That passion-fueled business. That sweet financial freedom. That spiritual clarity. Now that’s living!

You can browse this site to learn more about my business and recent projects. Let’s evolve together.

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Unusual Accomplishment: Harnessing Ancient Wisdom To Elevate Modern Lives

Unusual Accomplishment, LLC is a conscious content production, publishing, and technology company. We're harnessing the latest online tech to spread ancient wisdom.

From medicinal music and educational films to sacred meditation techniques, symbol school and transformational travel, Our mission is the transmission of products and services to help heal the planet and the raise consciousness of the human tribe occupying it.

Unusual Accomplishment Is Home To Various Tribes, Including:

Harvest Season: THC (The Higher Consciousness)

Immerse Yourself In The Grow Culture of Cannabis Cultivating and Smoke Out The Truth About The Plant's Medicinal Properties. A film by Anyextee.

Egypt Through The Glass Shop

Egypt Through The Glass shop tells the story of a young entrepreneur and talented glass blower who set up a shop in Cairo and provide an update to the original method of glass blowing. Before long, he finds himself trapped in the country during the civil unrest that sparked the Arab Spring. The shop quickly falls into disarray and the glass blower finds himself displaced from the enterprise. A year later, he returns to reclaim his life's work. This film is a first hand account of the Egyptian Revolution through the eyes of a young American glass-blower. A film by Anyextee.



  • Started DJing at age of 10
  • Sold first "mixtape" at age 13
  • Hosted weekly program at community COLLEGE radio station (while still in HIGH SCHOOL)
  • Awarded "Most Creative" and "Most Conceptual Mixtape of the Year" 1999 for ground breaking 120-minute cassette "A Vibe Called Next"
  • Started first independent record label by age 21
  • Founded international physical distribution and full scale music service company aggregating thousands of titles to worldwide territories
  • Owned and operated top line state of the art recording studio
  • Built first million dollar business by age 25
  • Launched Hip Hop's first genre specific digital retail store and label platform
  • Widely recognized as a pioneer in the field for levering social media and technology platforms in the music space;
  • Produced the Hip Hop genre's first album trailers and artist based webisodes on Youtube, Worldstar, and Amalgam Digital
  • Produced the first live webcast in Hip Hop History
  • Released the first "Digital Only" Independent Hip Hop Album registered with Sound Scan and charting on Billboard
  • Managed influential Hip Hop artist Max B
  • Independently Manufactured, Marketed, Promoted, & Distributed Full length releases by Hip Hop Artists; 50 Cent, Proof (of D12), Joe Budden (VH1 Love And Hip Hop), Saigon (HBO Entourage), Wale, Max B, Curren$y, Lil B The Based God, Juggaknots, Kurious, Copywrite, Chuuwee, & crafted deals with many of today's established Hip Hop Artists.
  • Co-founded Boston-based investment company
  • Featured in the Book "Indie Business Power" by Peter Spellman, Director of Career Development at Berklee College of Music
  • Served as a private consultant to major record companies and advised top tier independent labels and recording artists on creating and implementing marketing strategies
  • Captured the attention of World Boxing Champion Floyd "Money" Mayweather before partnering together on a venture in 2009
  • Invited to China for the annual Investor Conference to speak on behalf of the music sector representing America 2010
  • Directed and Produced debut documentary "Harvest Season: The Higher Consciousness" filming on location Jamaica, Mexico, Northern California, Colorado and Rhode Island 2011
  • Filmed self produced documentary film on location in Cairo during Egyptian Revolution
  • Garnered national and international press for crashing Sundance Film Festival on camel back while promoting self produced documentary film "Egypt Through The Glass Shop" 2012
  • Recorded and Self Released Debut album "Executive Decisions" introducing Hip Hop to the concept of cymatic healing frequencies and tones 2013
  • Studied under Rogue Egyptologist and Symbolist Author, John Anthony West in Egypt
  • Successfully sold first company
  • Keynote Speaker for the Ohio Hip Hop Awards 2015


Anyextee - Esoteric Entrepreneur / Conscious Consultant

"Next ('Anyextee') is THE person to speak to about the Future of the Industry. NEXT Is NOW"


"As the CEO of Amalgam Digital, Anyextee partnered with Joe Budden, Lil B, Max B and Curren$y. Under the direction of Anyextee, Amalgam Digital saw Joe Budden's 2009 album, "Padded Room" debut at #42 spot in Billboard magazine..." 

- HipHopDX

"Amalgam Digital has its finger on the pulse of Hip Hop's Future"

- The Source

"Amalgam Digital is Where Hip Hop Lives" - Rolling Stone "Amalgam Digital is experimenting with new ways to boost the genre's download sales stats, further facilitating growth"

- Billboard

"Amalgam Digital is where Hip Hop Lives"

- RollingStone

"Amalgam Digital is the The Future of music and entertainment"

- Floyd Mayweather, Undefeated World Champion


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